The Mystery of the Hindenburg Disaster Finally Solved?

I just posted this hear after rereading the post before this. Writing about my Grandfather reminded me of a story my Great Uncle Merton told me about. He was driving to Long Island (my Great Grandfather, {my Grandfather’s father right?} built many houses and buildings on Point Lookout on Long Island back before The Great Depression hit,) because his Mother (my Great Grandmother,) was angry he’d been bunking school. She sent him to live with his Father to work. As he drove towards Long Island from Massachusetts he saw the flames erupt ahead of him as the airship burst into flames.

Just another family story as told to me by Great Uncle Merton. BTW: I have to remember to visit him ASAP. He’s convinced he’s going to die this year and soon. He’s 93 and not getting any younger. I also have to remember to ask him about the article he gave me and I left on him and his 3 brothers being in the army during WWII.