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Swamp Yankee, Graphic Artist

This looks like a plug and it could be taken that way. It’s not. I’ve spent about 3 hours researching online for Native information. 

Today we spent our traditional Easter at the restaurant attached to the local bowing alley. If that sounds white trash, you wouldn’t have been in the restaurant we go to. The ironic thing about the restaurant is that the bowling alley diner and the restaurant share the kitchen with the bar that is also on the premises with the bowling alley. The food though is excellent. I favor the Chicken Marsala with dark mushroomed gravy, even more than the lamb they served today. They also serve typical Rhode Island fish and chips which is not the thick battered haddock and greasy fries. Breadcrumb dipped flounder, coleslaw and french fries which are lighter than the batter fried fish are served here with the creamy version of the New England chowder (you can usually get the clear clam broth version of chowder but I am not a fan of it.)

My brother P is illustrating a graphic novel with a plot based on the local Natives. He wants the design to be true to the culture so he asked if I could look up some images for him to refer to. I’d add more detail but I don’t know if he’d want me to share more than what I just shared.

Even though my laptop’s logic board but the big one I asked if I could borrow time online from someone else. That’s why I am posting before 2 am today. 

For a while I was helping my brother out with his poster printing. It doesn’t happen often lately basically because around here the stress and anxiety has consumed the household. My sleeping habits have been abysmal since the storms and freezing and water table rose this winter. For a week I stayed up at night and bailed out the basement because the sump pump couldn’t work. The ground was frozen yet the water kept seeping into the basement. Every 2 hours I went into the basement and plugged in the portable pump so that the water was pumped out the basement window. Mom had the day shift. “Luckily” during this time my Father was in the Rehab and we didn’t have to serve him hand and foot. 

The weekend the power went out was the worst of this winter. I had to physically bail water out in buckets every hour. And we were using up all the wood in the fireplace just to make sure the pipes didn’t freeze, and of course for heat. As nice an atmosphere that candles can give, they just don’t illuminate a book adequately. Showering was out for a few days too. On the bright side I have a much better appreciation for electricity and modern appliances. Since the change in my Father’s dementia state I don’t do the things I used to do. Having no car now helps too. I’m hoping this explains why I do what I do for my brother. I miss doing things with him but I’m hoping this is temporary.

I’m disjointed maybe. The website link is to his store and work examples. I’ve got to search some more on the subject. I have more in mind but can’t seem to make a cohesive post about it.