I was going to write about a story my father told me of one of his college stunts, one of his favorite kinds. The ones where he escape the law always made him excited and gleeful. If it included urine or feces all the better. This one though can make me laugh when I need it…
My father had an old chevy back when he first started going to BU. How do I know that? Well my Grandfather was a steadfast Chevy Man. Brand loyal and ready to fight for his choice. A true Scotsman through and through. At least that’s what I’ve been told. It was probably from the 50’s knowing that my father would probably get a second hand car from Grandpa. And it was heavy with a V8 and well taken care of. My Grandfather was also of the car generation. And he had a yard full of cars and parts that he would use on his car and friend’s cars. He took care of his own car. But that’s neither here nor there.
My Dad would travel route 9 between Boston and Worcester to go to and from school until he moved into the frat house. One day he was working with some substance that he spilled on his pants. He used gasoline to remove it which it did a good job of. Not thinking he jumped in his car to go home. As the miles passed I’m sure his eyes started to water and his nose hairs started to curl. Once the gasoline soaked through to his skin though the initial cold liquid started to burn his skin. He probably could have put up with that. What he couldn’t put up with is his “joobillees” (his words not mine,) started to become inflamed. Well, sitting in a car you’re not going to be able to let your marriage tackle dangle so it can get the air it needs to calm a gasoline burn. (If you think gasoline can’t burn skin look up images of a gas burn with no flame.) So he jumped out of the car and ripped off his clothes and threw them to the wayside.
Of course he got back into the car “ballikins” (my father’s term for naked,) and started driving home relieved that the gas could air out. To allow…