My father lived in Worcester while he was going to Boston University and before he moved into Acacia Frat House. He used to tell me that Animal House reminded him of Acacia. When the brothers acquired the building they went through it and found a stash of alcohol from the Prohibition Era in the basement hidden off in a secret room. Being college guys they spent the weekend drinking it all away. Guys were crashed throughout the house and finally the booze was gone. One by one they tipped out of their slobbering hangovers to view the destruction. They had to get the house clean so that Boston University would approve of the house and chapter. They spent another weekend concentrating on getting the house clean and had noticed one of the guys was missing. Of course they searched as they cleaned, it had been a bootlegger’s house and there were many rooms as my father described it. (Or maybe it just seemed like that since they decided to drink BEFORE they took care of business.)
As one of the guys was cleaning a set of rooms upstairs he heard snoring come through a door. Opening it their buddy, drunk and sleeping in a tub (for 3 days,) was discovered in an unknown small bathroom. So sez my father.