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>A heads up. I talk about religion in this entry so if you are triggered or believe in god and get offended easily don’t read it.<

I used to walk around Boston with a t-shirt that had “I prayed to God and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” Mostly people ignored it or it didn’t register. I liked it, still do. I think god would laugh. Some people though thought it was profane. Do I think that they shouldn’t have? I really didn’t care what people thought about god/God. Just like I really don’t care what the majority of people think about the color pink.
I think that’s why celebrity news and advertisements really annoy me. They’re not information you can use. They’re fluff, unoriginal, society’s opinions gobbled up and regurgitated out. And not just once recycled but over and over so that the results become murky and almost unidentifiable. It’s lucky that humans don’t last that long. All the new ones can be conned into thinking that their ideas are unique and never been thought of before. The adverts and celeb gossip isn’t just recycled, it’s colored pastel pink and garish green like 80’s fashions and strobed in my face so I can’t look away. And sometimes I get sucked in and find myself thinking, “Hey, this is actually idiosyncratic. It’s not so bad.”
My ex was Hindu. He wouldn’t really call himself a practicing Hindu even though he knew enough about it. He knew his Dad believed in Hanuman and his Mom’s favored god was Vishnu/Krishna. He was like most Sunday Spiritualists, he went for the snacks at temple and didn’t really care about the religion. I don’t sneer at him. He was honest with me. And I know why he felt as he did. He took me to a few temples when they came to visit. There were no permanent ones where we lived. We had to go to New Jersey when the Gurus came to set up temple. They were colorful, some had peacocks and kiosks that sold Indian food, snacks and goods. Kind of like a small town carnival.
One winter my ex called my parents house. It was just before Christmas and the kids and I were helping my Mom with the Christmas cookies. She’s big into holiday traditions, takes them very seriously. My Mom picks up the phone with her floured hands (she’s not a clean freak,) and hears his voice. She hands the phone to my youngest, my ex’s son, and they talk. I’m within hearing range waiting to negotiate visitation. My son looks up at me and says, “Dad wants Grandma to have a Merry Christmas.”
I shout over to my Mother who’s rejoined the cookie dough cutting, “R***** says to wish you a Merry Christmas!”
She yells back: “Merry Christmas? Damn Heathen!”
Mom didn’t like him very much.

This entry and the video only relate in that they both have the word “god” in them. Truly, Faith No More’s song Everything’s Ruined has been playing in my head all day.

It doesn’t get any better than this! Melvins, Mike Patton, the Jesus Lizard, and Helmet! All in one band?!

“I’ve sewn my seeds with a metric grosse
No footsteps go beyond it
I’ll eat the death where the rooster crows
Flesh rodeo, yee-har

It’s just to push in your teardrops, make you a cyclops
Breakin’ the branches off your family tree
Keep you up like a fluffer girl, ain’t that enough of the
Look in the sewer for my pedigree

Your truly cause repeats its pulse and makes your tears
If you needed too
Make me blow my brains out, pointin’ the gun
Put my neck in a noose

But I’m hangin’ tough
Day, my, day, my, day, my, day, my
Day, my, day, my, day, my, day, my

Listen closer to your mother
You can hear ocean roar
Sittin’ quiet in the corner
Put another record on

God hates a coward, sonny
Got a date with your VCR
Watch another action movie
Dream of me

On the only piano, wrote the fuckin’ concerto
Shoot pool with your eyeballs, rack ’em up
Make a meal of your asshole, gnaw on your fat soul
Dipping your heart in my vinegar

Like a million disappeared, just how long did you think they would live
Prepare yourself, come on defend and everyone defend
[Incomprehensible] and give me something to kill
I’ll never finish my plate or I’ll burn it up

Day, my, day, my, day, my, day, my
Day, my, day, my, day, my, day, my”