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I had taken out two boxes from the storage area. They’ve been in there since 2008. Six years and every time I got the motivation to clear out that space filled with the past my mind would freeze. I couldn’t touch a box, a stick of furniture, pots, pans, clothes and things I’d rather leave behind. It took me 3 or 4 days to actually take the boxes out of the van.

I opened them up and found papers (which isn’t surprising considering they’re those storage boxes you can hang files in.) Old bills, kids’ papers, medication sheets and things I saved to put in a scrap book (yeah, right.) I also found papers from when I was in school in Boston. Things I’d actually been looking for. I may go to the storage area and get some more boxes.

Emotional Archaeology happens on it’s own or with triggers. It’s when your brain brings up something that has happened in the past and was emotionally relevant to you. It doesn’t have to be drastic. It can be a fleeting memory of a song you knew or a perfume someone wore. It can be as radical as a flashback. And the hangover can last a long time or just slip off the side of your brain as you go through your day.

This whole storage unit is potentially loaded with Emotional Archaeological relics that may tear my mind apart. But dealing with it and disassembling the items and reducing the amount has to be done.

BTW I lost that POS Kyocera phone today. It’s only valuable for the phone numbers and schedule that it contains.