So close to J, another reason to go to France. I only hope to be closer to mindfulness apprehension in order to fully appreciate Plum Village.
I found this while searching for “Mindfulness” blog entries. I feel I must practice Mindfulness consciously at least half of the day if not all. I’m not sure if I’m approaching it correctly but I desire to fluidly respond to life with a Mndful attitude.

Lucy Goes the World

I’ve crossed the Pyrenees and finished the trail, and now it’s on to a new journey in a quiet place called the Plum Village. Home to Vietnamese mindfulness teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, the Plum Village is located about fifty miles from Bordeaux. Every season students are invited to spend a week at the village to practice in a community of others trying to approach life with awareness and attention, simplicity and intention. I just so happen to be here at the start of a three week retreat on the theme “what happens when we die?” And so a few weeks ago, I booked my place.

For more information on the village, check out There you’ll find more on what mindfulness means to the community here and the background on Thay. Spoiler- Thay gave Martin Luther King Jr. a foundation on peaceful protest. Pretty amazing.

I will not have access…

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