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Wednesday night I went over to my sister’s house to pick up the van. I decided to wait until she came home. I wasn’t doing too well, thinking of suicide and feeling like my head was caving in. She’s got these cats who I sometimes like because they’re big and fluffy and affectionate but weird.
Her son cooked up beef tips with a red wine glaze that smelled delicious and made my already full stomach growl. That guy can cook like you can’t believe and I say that because he can take ingredients that you wouldn’t think of putting together and make a luscious meal out of them. Unfortunately these meals can be a bit too rich. I knew Erika hadn’t eaten all day so when asked if I’d like to join them I told them my black tea was sufficient. Then later I went home and stuffed my face with rice, potatoes and cheese sauce. That’ll stuff a belly if that’s all it needs.
Anyway The latest Star Trek with Benedict Cummerbund or whatever his name is was on the boob tube via Netflix. Somehow we got to watching The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. I love movies but this one is a cult hit that can be smoked to or dreamt about, you choose. It’s got many great actors in it and many jokes about balls.

This is my favorite quote above. Anyway my sister and I watched it after my nephew went to play some game. It made me feel better bringing me back to lighter times in the past when we’d (myself and another family member or more,) watch other cultish movies like Rocky Horror Picture Show, Big Trouble in Little China, They Live, Time Bandits together and bond. Movies have been the one common thread that have bonded us through the years and the dysfunction. I’m curious, what have you experienced with your family that have bonded you together?