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Doing the “lazy” thing and reblogging thing. I saw a post of an article on facebook stating a similar premise. Basically Mental Illness is made up because we first world inhabitants are a spoiled and indulgent society. Flames of rage usually rise up within me so I don’t comment but leave it on my page and if I go back to it I’ll indulge myself (maybe,) then.
Right now my eyes are burning. I need to sleep, I’ll be taking Mom into a cat-scan appointment at 7 am tomorrow so I will try to finish this up quickly and hit the sack.

The Bipolar Bum

H&J debunks the idea that depression, bipolarty e.t.c are uniquely western, wealthy indulgences.

I think not. I think not.

“Notice how they don’t yammer on about depression in Africa or anywhere else that’s poor? Man-up! Get a grip!” – Words that scar. Where I lived in the U.K depression is a bi-word for lazy and anyone who lives on an incapacity benefit because of a debilitating mental illness is generally thought of as a fake manipulating the system for an easy life.  This post is to say, Goya might not have run a blog about depression, Jackson Pollock might not have been a recipient of a disability pension and Hippocrates may not have had access to Pubmed – But mood disorders have been a part of humanity for as long as we have records of humanity.  These diseases are NOT a western, wealthy indulgence – They are a part of the human condition…

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