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And one about a way of handling other people and ourselves.

How Do I Persuade Someone to Seek Professional Help? Thorin Klosowski Filed to: ASK LIFEHACKER

Dear Lifehacker,
I have a friend who who seems to have some issues that’d benefit from seeing a mental health professional. How can I tell him this without being a jerk?P

Worried Wendy

Go to the article (It’s not all that long,) and read Mr. Klosowski’s answer which is not bad considering how difficult this query is.

The only thing I would add is this: if you are going to advise someone to do something especially along the lines of getting professional help and PARTICULARLY along the lines of professional MENTAL help. MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE GETTING IT FOR YOURSELF. Otherwise you don’t know what situations, people or drugs the person you’re advising to do this action may have ahead of them. There is nothing worse than an inexperienced, well intentioned outsider that goads someone in mental anguish to do something that they are not able to assist them through. The road to hell is paved with good intentions but the road through mental health help leads through the digestive system of the devil. It helps to have an advocate or a knowledgable supporter assist you through the labyrinthine trials of finding out what’s going to help you.



The Benjamin Franklin Effect: The Surprising Psychology of How to Handle Haters by 

” …We are excellent at deluding ourselves, and terrible in recognizing when our own perceptions, attitudes, impressions, and opinions about the external world are altered from within.” And “…it has a lot to do with the psychology ofattitudes, those clusters of convictions about and emotional impressions of a person or a situation…” And “…it’s also the foundation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which aims to change how we think by first changing what we do, until we internalize a set of beliefs about how those actions define who we are.”

Some short clips fro the whole article. An interesting read that may help you think about who’s manipulating you and if you are doing the manipulations or both.