Got me a movie

Oh ho ho ho

Slicing up eyeballs

Oh ho ho ho

Girly so groovy

Oh ho ho ho

Don’t know about you but I am un….

I got poison ivy in the crotch of my arm. It burns and stings and weeps and itches. I can’t wear long sleeves because of it. I want to stab it. I poured hot water on it. It made it drip pus all night. I covered it with gauze and in the morning the tape stuck to my arm, the soft skin near my arm pit and the puss crystalized and stuck to the edges of the gauze while the middle of the gauze was soaked wet by the effluvia. I then covered it with hydrogen peroxide and shook baking soda over it which wept all night into a gauze square but has dried out over the past 2 days.

I’m actually just angry by a post that some other blogger put up on their page. Then I stopped reading it realizing I don’t have to listen to someone else’s opinion. Which is a good thing because I can’t sleep after tending Mom’s Memorial today and going home and passing out.