If you are smart you will never forget the wrongs done you. I know that everyone says that forgive and forget to make peace but it’s a bunch of bull. The smart person remembers what the offender did, why they did it, what they gained from it and never forget that they did it. If your @ss is in a sling because of someone’s thoughtlessness, meanness, entertainment or ignorance you can bet that it’ll happen again. Especially if you don’t make an issue of it. Ignoring it or brushing it off allows the offender to feel self righteous in doing what they did to you or just not addressing it at all.

People who think that others are harmless and have good intentions are the kind of people that have not had perpetual bullying happen to them as well as constant abuse. And those type of people tend to blame the abused and not the abuser because they’re ignorant. Being abused doesn’t mean that you have to be passive and meek. I don’t care what anyone says about Jesus. There were times when he was p!ssed and let the offenders know. Not that I’m religious. I definitely don’t subscribe to the crowd that believes that being compliant is the way to live one’s life.

Anger is an energy.

Anger, Rage and Anarchy.