I find it difficult to give sympathy to a person who is older and keeps repeating the same mistake over and over then wants your help when they are at the end of their rope. I feel like my compassion is wasted on someone ignorant. Someone who refuses to learn. If you can’t go forward, even if you’re just crawling millimeter by millimeter why bother helping someone older who has clung to a life of abuse?

One of the repeated lessons I learned since I was a child is if you want to avoid more suffering than you need on Earth you avoid risky people. They tend to do stupid things and many of those stupid things hurt. If you want to take risks that’s fine, in fact that’s a better way of learning. If you want to learn from risk by not getting personally punished observe stupid people but do not get involved with them. It is okay to be seen with them. People will think you’re stupid too. BUT if you intend on having a stable life, don’t be seen with them. People won’t take you seriously. When you are young it is a good time to have a very stupid friend. It’s alright for young people to be caught in risky business. It’s also more acceptable. The older you get the less acceptable it becomes and you’ll be identified with the type of people you spend time around.

By the way, learn to know your limitations. There are times you will have to be around stupid people. At work, in traffic, particularly in crowds, at parties where you will be affected by what stupid people will do even if you are not friends with them. You will even find stupid people with the ones you love. Do not talk to those kind of stupid people. They tend to blather anything important you may say to them to anybody.

I don’t consider myself to be stupid only because I have done many stupid things but I don’t repeat them over and over. Many of the stupid things I did were because I was having an episode or I was to inexperienced to realize that certain people will not learn and actions are not to be repeated. I’m not under the impression that I will not do stupid things again. No, I know I will. I also know that I will also be aware of the results and consequences of my actions. Those things, being aware and other people’s responsibilities are things I have no control over. And I have to repeat that to myself occasionally.

I know I’ve shared this video before but this one is relevant. If you can’t save yourself it is even more important not to get involved with someone else’s sh!t. Think about it.