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Wow, it’s enlightening when a person you thought was just a nice decent person turns out to be an insulting ignoramus. It’s too bad too. I thought my “friend” would be a person who would be able to understand me. If not just accept me for who I am and not try to dictate to me why I thought the way I do and that my diagnosis dictated what I did and who I was. How dehumanizing. How degrading. And I bet she didn’t even realize that as she spewed out the b^llsh!t that is being accepted as a way to “deal” with people who have mental illnesses, she was alienating me and proving that the mental health system promotes this disparagement and discrimination.

I saved the back and forth message to see if I could personally weed out the denigrations and diminishment in her words. I don’t do this to make her seem like the enemy but to give myself a way to understand how these words and the way they’re used become a tool for the ignorant to segregate the mentally ill into a place where they’re not taken seriously. I think I’ll post it here when I get it done…

BTW: we talked about this at OASIS today. “Do you think that your diagnosis represents you or are you not your diagnosis?” Something to that effect.