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The closer I get to death

(And I feel it coming, breath panting, stinking lovingly licking it’s lips,)

I hunt for those people who will search for me like I will search for them

On that cold land of abandon.

It ain’t easy finding souls that are blind and don’t perceive

The seriousness of this business

Seeking companionship for the afterlife.

We may only touch incorporeal fingertips

floating around that primordial womb

Or ricochet, our atman shocked by the close proximity

Of another

Memories weaving dreams building basic personas

For the next visit to another life force.

But seeing as how our species is bound and determined

To kill itself out of material selfishness

I want to be prepared to be seeking those someones familiar

For a long existence in the void.

Pixies – Monkey Gone To Heaven (Official Video)

When I die I hope they show where I kept going wrong ’cause I don’t want to repeat this cr@p in another time.