We’re walking around huddled in the cavernous concrete building. The heater is refusing to sound off it’s cranky clanking winding up tune that usually tells us that it’s going to make the church’s fellowship hall habitable for the day. We wait in confusion; I’m thinking that it’ll kick in. It just needs time to grasp that it can do it. Anthropomorphizing isn’t helping but it’s morning for me too and I’m just proud that I gotout of bed away from my electric quilt. My house is frigid. Heating a 10 plus room house is expensive and we’ve been burning fires in the fireplace and heating bathrooms so the pipes don’t freeze, closing doors to reduce escaping heat and anything we can think of to save money and heat. I can’t afford insulated curtains but so far the small blinds seem to help a little.

I hate this time of year. The house becomes a cave and tending to it is like dealing with a mini castle. That little turd Skippy makes me chase him around to put his collar on every morning, acting like I’m going to kick him in his little black @ss.

to be continued…