Hello Daddy, Hello Mom I’m your Ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch Cherry Bomb!

I spent Thanksgiving blathering about some of the freaky sh!t I did when I was unstable. Like evangelize for a cult at McDonald’s And some other stuff I can’t remember now. I’m sinking down the suck hole in my head but this time it’s slow sand as opposed to quick sand the difference being that quicksand is easier to get out of because it isn’t as sticky as slow sand. But the demons are grabbing at my legs, laughing as they pull me down. I am handling this better ever since I started chanting quietly in my head that this is not really happening. I have to do that when I begin feeling a panic attack coming on.

What else unacceptable that has happened in my life could I have shocked my siblings with saying in front of my nieces? The time some woman called me to sell me something and I shared too much about my life and she took it as an opportunity to send over some dude with a foot fetish. The time that this old pervert picked me up hitch hiking from work in the wee hours of the night and kicked me out of his sedan when I wouldn’t give him a bj (I had worse drivers.) The times I would hitch into town and crash college kids’ parties. The time I was 7 months pregnant and forced my child’s father to walk across the state with me because I wanted to kill my Father for saying something ignorant to me.

I forget that these things may not be so funny to other people especially people I’ve not told these things about.