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Minimum Wage – They Might Be Giants

I’m too thought out and need a break from trying to be caring, responsible, professional and human at the same time. I mean give me a break already, I don’t have a degree in dealing with drama. I didn’t study “How To Manage Not Breaking An Annoying Client’s/Coworker’s Neck While You Try To Straighten Out A Misunderstanding”. I didn’t get the memo on “How To Navigate Gracefully Through A Work Place That Has No Formal Guide On How To Deal With Issues, Responsibilities Or Social Matters”.

It’s been one of those days where I want to say out loud: “Go ahead, please fire me.” The drama here, it seems many of the staff like to air their grievances in front of the members of the Center, is over blown and obnoxious. For a “Health and Recovery Center” this place doesn’t seem to promote a gentle atmosphere for people to heal and grow.

I could go on and on like I did to K and he did to me about being a CNA but I don’t care anymore. I want to cut to the chase. How do I reduce the chaos? How do I manage the stupidity. And that’s mine included. I’m not under any impression that I’m perfect. That’s why I came to OASIS. I’m here to try to deal with managing my illness. Just because I work here does not mean I have to put up with other people’s BS. I mean to a certain degree I have to be tolerant of other people’s symptoms and their quirks. I need to be as understanding as possible when dealing with others. That does not preclude me from the same treatment just because I work here.

So I am trying to separate the “chaff” from the “grain”. What do I need to deal with. What can I disregard and not react to. Trying to make it simple for my brain to turn on and off.

Some thoughts and ideas on how to keep it simple at work:

  1. Don’t make friends. Keep it professional.
  2. Stay out of the Kitchen and don’t get chummy in the morning particularly with the kitchen staff.
  3. If I need to address another staff person about a personal problem with them, do it outside of work or have the manager negotiate it.
  4. Try to immediately apologize for wrong doings.
  5. Simplify. Don’t over think things.
  6. When doing tasks like shopping suspend personal judgement and style.
  7. Focus on the members, it’s my job.
  8. If I’m in a bad mood avoid people or leave work if it is particularly bad.
  9. Don’t encourage gossip, smack talk, swearing or nastiness around the members and on work time.
  10. When outside of work limit bitching about work as much as possible.
  11. If someone confronts me with an aggressive attitude leave as soon as possible. Don’t escalate the situation by arguing or getting in a fight.

I think that’s pretty good. I would have thought that that was obvious but maybe just writing it down will help me deal with some of the more obnoxious behavior that goes on here. Again I include my own.