I plan on giving my two weeks notice. It started with a bad decision and some good intentions and now it’s just a dramatic mess.

A friend of mine, one who loves dogs and hates cats decided to get her daughter a kitten. You know because her daughter loves kittens and she wants to give her kid everything she never had. Except that she had a little dog a yappy thing that LOVED her and sought her attention and would ride around with her in her car. She took the dog to her Mother’s house when it was inconvenient to have it live in her messy, move around thrill filled life. She’d complain when she went to get the dog and it would give her the cold shoulder or get angry with her. She’d push it or lightly slap it to get a rise out of the dog then give it treats. This was all before she had the daughter, all before the REAL love came into play. She told me all those years that she didn’t like cats at all. She liked all the attention her dog devoted to her.

The dog is still alive. It’s still at her Mother’s house. Is it still waiting for her? Does it pine for the attention it used to get from it’s former owner? I don’t know. I’ve seen that scenario played out so many times. Animals as objects.

My son became a CNA. He studied for it and passed the tests. He got his license and got a job. He tried first shift, second shift even third shift. He went with second shift in a Nursing Home/Rehab. It’s not a difficult job but it is tough. All the work he has to do and all the different people he has to deal with. He plans on working for the Government because they have a better benefit package. He tells himself that since their patient/worker ratio is lower he’ll have a easier time. What I’ve heard about the Government Hospital is some scary stuff. I keep my mouth shut because it’s better he learn for himself.

Last year when my Mother got cancer again and we were told it was a virulent one that would not be cured and may take her away within a few months my manager told me that I was thinking catastrophically when I told her that I’d heard that people who were married together for most of their lives tended to die within the same year of each other. My Father had died that February. I told myself to not trust this person. If she would belittled what I said (and not even mention it when my Mother died that summer,) she would not be a person I could trust to support me. And true to life she hasn’t supported me at work. I don’t even want to go through what happened because it’s trivial and typical of what’s gone on at the place I work the entire time.

And it sucks because now I need to find a way to healthily spend my time taking care of myself.