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Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky

Don’t tell me to forgive. You can shove it in your ying yang. Go diddle your happy can. No one gets a pardon until I understand what happened.

Where do people get off pushing that hap-slappy crap on others? Be the bigger person. You’re not doing it for them, you’re doing it for you. I didn’t find peace until I accepted that life hands us a sh!t cake and we get to eat it and smile. F^ck you. Go ahead sucker. Keep telling yourself that you are all better because you’ve put it on the back shelf and denied it or ignored it or whatever.

One thing I learned is it’s easier to swallow later if you move away sooner. Living in the filth and being faced by it daily soaks into my skin a poison rub. How do you exorcise the  toxins in your system when you’re swimming in the sewage? When I say I’m trying to understand I’m told that there’s no need to understand just leave it in the past and everything will be okay.

Is it style? Is it resistance? Is it faith? Is it a higher plane? Is it maturity? Or is it just because I’m crazy? Lately I’m trying to slough others and their opinions off. That’s been a hard realization to come by when I’ve listened and believed in everyone else’s POV and believed my own meant nothing. I always had to change. I have strived to calm the chaos in my head.

I’m like an old jalopy: starts and stalls. Not pretty, in fact quite skanky. I show all my miles. I’ve got to go.

I want to tell all the people to bug off. I’m not sure if they’re really looking at me and talking behind my back. I see and hear what they say and I can tell that they are disgusted with me by their attitudes. I want to throw bricks at them. I want to get away from here. If I have to put up with those kinds of cr@p attitudes then I’d rather do it where I know people don’t know me. I don’t want to be the inside outsider. I want to just be the straight up outsider.